Less than a Year of Release, Babylons Fall Server Officially Shuts Down

The latest discussion from the famous company Square Enix is still continuing. They share with us more bad news surrounding the development of their latest game Babylons Fall. Although the second season was only released in July, fans were recently shocked by the closure of Babylon’s Fall servers. What exactly happened? Let’s follow the latest gaming news here.

Released on March 3, 2022, Babylons Fall is a Hack-n-Slash game made by the development studio behind the success of NieR Automata. This game offers an Action RPG format that brings a Co-Op MMO experience with its main focus on the Live-Service concept. You will be given the freedom to choose from a wide selection of weapons and magic powers to fight the various monsters.

Babylons Fall Servers Officially Shut Down after 6 Months of Release

In a report, we obtained through their official Twitter account, Platinum Games as the game developer has just given surprising news about the closure of Babylons Fall servers. As you can see, the game will no longer be accessible in multiplayer on February 27, 2023. Not only that, you can no longer purchase the Digital version of this game starting on September 13, 2022.

Even if there is no further content support, the developer still intends to release the Final Season expansion, which is targeted to launch on November 29. Not only that, but they will even release a 3-Part Event Missions Wave starting in December until February. The final season will feature Zenon Rankings Mode: Very Hard and a Special Reward for the new year.

Players Who Have Already Purchased are Not Refunded

Although there is no specific reason, fans believe that the closure was due to negative player response and sales not reaching the target. Fans claim that the gameplay offered seems boring without any innovation and calculation in combat. Not only that but many players also complained about the visuals with the appearance that seemed similar to PS3 games. Even worse, the game is sold for 60 USD.

For those of you who each insist on trying the game, then there is still a little time. Babylons Fall itself is already available via PC, PS4, and PS5 platforms. As usual, PC users can purchase the game through the Steam Store page. What do you think? I wonder what will happen to gamers who have already bought the game?

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