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John Carpenter Hints at Dead Space Movie?

Filmmaker John Carpenter seems to be hinting that there is a Dead Space movie in the works.

This information was revealed by John Carpenter during an interview with Variety. If you are interested in movie and TV adaptations, you can check out our other articles here.

Does John Carpenter hint at Dead Space movie?

In October 2022, John Carpenter was asked by The A.V. Club if he had ever thought about adapting a game.

The only one I can think of, and I’ve mentioned it before, is Dead Space. That would be a really good movie. I could do it.

John Carpenter, Filmmaker

Asked if there were any developments on the Dead Space movie in the Variety interview, Carpenter said that he was never attached to such a project, but he thinks there are other directors already involved.

I’m a big fan of video games, so I play all the games. I was looking at a new digital camera, RED, and happened to mention to them that I would love to do a Dead Space movie.

It was just going around and everyone was saying, ‘Oh, when are you going to do it?’ I wasn’t going to do it. I think they already have other directors involved and they haven’t asked me to do it.

So, until someone asks me, I’m not going to do it. But there’s a new version of the Dead Space video game coming out in January and I’m there.

John Carpenter, Filmmaker

Dead Space Remake will release on PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, EA App) on January 27, 2022.

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