Age of Wonders 4 Announced, Releases May 2023

Paradox Interactive and Triumph Studios have revealed that Age of Wonders 4 will release on consoles and PC on May 2, 2023.

This information was announced by Paradox Interactive through their social media. If you’re interested in Paradox Interactive’s games, you can check out our other articles here.

Deskripsi Age of Wonders 4

Master a fantasy world of your own design in Age of Wonders 4! Explore a new magical world in Age of Wonders’ signature blend of 4X strategy and turn-based tactical combat. Take control of a growing and changing faction as you expand your empire at every turn.

The franchise has entered a new era, evolving its iconic empire-building, role-playing, and warfare to new heights.

The new storytelling event system and highly customizable kingdom provide an endlessly replayable experience, where each playthrough adds a new chapter to your ever-evolving story.

The powerful Wizard Kings have returned to the realm to rule as gods among men. Seize and rule the Tomes of Magic to expand your people and prepare for an epic battle that will define the age to come.

Release May 2, 2023

Age of Wonders 4
Source: Triumph Studios / Paradox Interactive

Some key features:

  • Create the Empire of Your Wildest Fantasies
    • Create your followers by combining body shapes, social traits, and mysterious powers. Build anything from cannibal half-human clans to mythical moon elves, or create your favorite fantasy trope.
    • Seek out powerful magic tomes to enchant your armies and evolve your people! See your people change physically as they transform into angelic beings or descendants of chaos to face their enemies.
    • Achieve glory through brutal domination, cunning alliances, or arcane knowledge, and write your legacy into the very fabric of empire itself!
  • Strategy Meets Role-Playing Like Never Before
    • Each choice opens up new possibilities and tactical advantages; the deep, multi-layered strategy allows you to try new tactics or explore new strengths at every turn.
    • Tactical turn-based combat brings your troops to life, showcasing their strengths in an environment shaped by your decisions. From skirmishes with roaming monsters to vast sieges with dozens of units on each side, with the addition of a morale system and more features, each battle presents a new challenge.
    • The incredible variety of kingdoms, units, and environments makes the game endlessly playable. Age of Wonders is more modifiable and open than ever before in the franchise’s history.
  • Make Your Mark on a Vast, Reactive World
    • Explore a new world in every game – or create your own! Challenge new variations and combinations of locations and features, from frozen wastelands ruled by ice queens to remote ruins where dragons roam.
    • The new event system provides an unexpected level of storytelling for 4X games. See how your decisions shape the world around you, from ever-expanding cities and roaming armies to world-shaking magic effects.
    • Lead your empire to glory-but the story doesn’t end with your victory or defeat! Rise to the ranks of in-game rulers and unlock different ways to customize your experience. Meet your own creations as potential rivals or allies in the next game and experience the next chapter in your own story!

Age of Wonders 4 will release on PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store) on May 2, 2023.

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