How to Get Spruce Log in Minecraft

In this tutorial, we will tell you how to get Spruce Log in Minecraft step by step with screenshots.

In Minecraft, Spruce Log is an item that can be used to create various types of items in the game.

Spruce Logs cannot be created by Crafting but can be obtained by cutting down trees in the game.

So let’s find out how to get Spruce Log in Minecraft.

How to Get Spruce Logs in Minecraft

Search for Spruce Trees

First, you need to search and find Spruce trees in Minecraft.

Spruce trees can usually be found in biome regions like Taiga or Old Growth Pine Taiga.

Felling Spruce Trees

Once you find the Spruce Tree, you can cut it down immediately.

You can use anything to cut down the Spruce Tree. But we prefer to use Axe so that the cutting process can be faster.

Take a Spruce Log

After cutting down the Spruce tree, the Spruce Log will fall down.

Make sure you pick it up immediately before it’s gone.

After picking up the Spruce Log, the item will automatically appear in the Inventory.

Congratulations, you have successfully obtained the Spruce Log.

Items That Can Be Created With Spruce Log

You can use Spruce Log to create items:

Spruce PlanksCharcoal
Spruce WoodCampfire
SmokerSoul Campfire

Other Log Types

You can also collect other types of Log items in Minecraft such as:

Oak LogDark Oak Log
Spruce LogMangrove Log
Birch LogCrimson Stem
Jungle LogWarped Stem
Acacia Log

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