Full GTA San Andreas Android Cheats

GTA San Andreas is no stranger to our ears. This game by Rockstar has been one of the best since its release on PS2. And now, we can easily play it on Android. Well, many gamers are looking for the Android version of GTA San Andreas cheats. If you’re also looking for one, check out this article.

We would like to remind you that if you want to use cheats in GTA SA Android, you must connect your device to an external keyboard.

GTA San Andreas Android Cheats

GTA San Andreas Android Cheats
GTA San Andreas Android
Cheat CodesGTA San Andreas Cheat Function
GONPXWRInvincibility (no damage from weapons, fire, falls, explosions, drowning, etc; any car you are in is also permanently invulnerable)
KRRIHBTDebug Feature: “Show Mappings”
MIZYXHZDebug feature: “Show Tap To Target”
JQFUDUBDebug Feature: “Show Targeting”
BYIXZIYComplete the current mission instantly (does not work on all missions)
YACKMWSFast forward four hours
BIEUHQYGet Weapon Set 4 (minigun, thermal goggles; re-enter cheat to get night-vision goggles)
FNJFCZCGameplay Speed: Slow down
EHWBWDSGameplay Speed: Accelerate
EAMLJNNGang wars everywhere (changeable)
HAPOHXRNo pedestrians other than gang members were in the crossfire
QAONHOHRecruit anyone, with a rocket launcher
AWIOMPHRecruit anyone, with an AK-47
JEZRPIRecruit anyone, with a gun
BWCMMTDBeach Theme (changing CJ’s outfit, pedestrian outfit, and traffic)
HDLIWGBCarnival/Circus (CJ is a clown, pedestrians are mostly fast food workers and clowns, traffic is mostly fast food vehicles)
BNIZWSBPimp Theme (CJ uses Pimp settings)
OAXCCRIRural Theme (CJ adalah sopir truk, pejalan kaki menjadi yang paling banyak terlihat di daerah pedesaan)
AAUSQPTriad theme (CJ has a katana, pedestrians are mostly Triads, and most of the traffic is motorcycles)
GWJZWC6 Bintang
KDTZNHOEliminate Star Level
NCBXXDXRaise 2 Stars
BYKGOABCurrent Star Key
BEFwkSBQGet Weapon Set 1
SHHIHJGGet Weapon Set 2
GOIZSSXGet Weapon Set 3

GTA San Andreas Android Cheats: Pedestrian and Player

CodeCheat Function
AKOZBCHChaos & Mayhem (note: cheats are permanent and can make late-game missions impossible to complete)
LNHVOAEElvis is everywhere
NJXPCYEPedestrians Riot
FARYJHZPedestrians Attack You
ERFBFNIPedestrians attack you with weapons
GDNXHDKPedestrians Have Weapons
CodeCheat Function
BFMANNZPCJ can jump very high (beware of fall damage)
RYSMRMFull Aim Weapon in Vehicle
PJYNQCQGain full health and armor, and earn $250,000
SDWBWHEHitman in All Weapons
NECUMZUnlimited Ammo
POOOJOXInfinite Lung Capacity (note: can breathe underwater, some missions must still rely on lung capacity)
SGVDSQWMaximum Muscle
MTGIISRMaximum Respect
APGZLQRSex Appeal Maksimum
AEZLCKXUMaximum Stamina
KBTMUVHNever Hungry
CDGUDEPGet a jetpack
GSUMLEGGet a parachute
BLOKKIKSemi-invincibility (cannot be damaged by fire or weapons, but still injured by explosions, falls, police helicopters, and drowning)
LRMYOJMSuper Punch (CJ knocks the person he hits very far away, instantly killing them)
AWXDCRJZero Fat & Muscle

GTA SA Time, Weather, and Traffic Cheats

CodeCheat Function
KTGDLXYTraffic time at dusk (21:00, i.e. 9 pm)
AWUJNBBTraffic time at midnight (00:00)
IOKXTFJTraffic: Aggressive Drivers
ENQCFMATraffic: All Green Lights
GOYDVAOTraffic: Black Car
GYKVYTRTraffic: Pink Car
JTBCSNTraffic: mostly rural vehicles
FRIUBILTraffic: Traffic is mostly sports cars
DEHDRXTraffic: Very rare to see cars; unless parked.
CodeCheat Function
OWAKIJFast Weather

GTA San Andreas Android Cheats Vehicle

CodeCheat Function
JBVIJXACollision destroys another car
TDBKCEHHigh jump bike
PTHSEOShips can fly
DOTBSFKCars can fly
WUSDOTOAll cars have nitro
BXBTUBTIInvulnerable Car
BKFONFEExploding All Cars
SDWBWHEInvisible Car
DLLNHZJPerfect Handling
DAHESZYVehicle Spawn Cheat: Caddy
PSPNATXVehicle Spawn Cheat: Hearse
AWPTMIIQVehicle Spawn Cheat: Hydra
BIGLWCDDVehicle Spawn Cheats: Race Car (#1)
HPGPIJZVehicle Spawn Cheats: Race Car (#2)
BGJPSYCVehicle Spawn Cheats: Race Car (#3)
BIEAVBAYVehicle Spawn Cheats: Race Car (#4)
AYNVQVKVehicle Spawn Cheat: Rhino
IXSMWCQVehicle Spawn Cheat: Stretch
QPOLSVKVehicle Spawn Cheat: Trashmaster

Well, that’s the list of GTA San Andreas Android cheats. If you want to know the game cheats for all platforms, you can click the button below.

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