80+ List of GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition PC Cheats Complete

Looking for GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition PC Cheats? Take it easy, because on this Gamedaim Tips article will provide the information for all of you.

As is known, GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition is one of the games from the GTA Series trilogy that offers a more enjoyable experience. So naturally, many GTA San Andreas game lovers feel nostalgic and feel excitement when playing it.

Compared to Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, GTA San Andreas: Definitive Edition will offer better visuals. Even so, the presence of this compilation of GTA Trilogy games also invited negative reactions from many fans.

From eye-pain-inducing rain effects, pools of blood, invisible bridges, ridiculous camera angles, and so on. Though one of the reasons players are so enthusiastic to play it is because it is said to bring better improvements in terms of graphics and visuals.

Apart from all that, the name GTA San Andreas game will certainly never be called a cheat. It’s impossible if some of you have never used cheats when playing GTA San Andreas.

Using cheats will provide a more exciting and fun gaming experience when playing it. Although not all players like cheats, most of them use them.

Not a few players choose to use cheats because of the difficulty in doing missions or just for fun. There are many GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition PC cheats that you can try, such as immune blood, vehicle cheats, weather cheats, and many others.

Curious about the information? Just check out the information below.

How to Use GTA Trilogy – Definitive Edition Cheats

Cheat Gta San Andreas Definitive Edition Pc
GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition | PushSquare

Well, before knowing what are the GTA SA Definitive Edition PC cheats, it’s good for those of you who don’t know how to listen to the following information:

Buka game GTA San Andreas Final Edition

The first step is definitely to open the game. You do not need to press pause or enter a specific menu to activate it.

Select the desired cheat

Choose the cheat you want to activate. If you already know the cheats by heart, you can just type them into the game.

Confirmed Cheats

If you have typed the GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition PC cheat correctly, a notification will appear if the cheat is successfully activated. If it doesn’t work, then you’ve inputted the cheat incorrectly. To deactivate the cheat, you can type the cheat code again.

GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition PC Cheats

GTA Definitive Edition PC Cheats Characters, Surrounding Activities, & Weapons

GTA Definitive Edition | Rockstar
GTA Definitive Edition | Rockstar
  • Money, Armor, Lives, Repair Vehicles: HESOYAM
  • Unlimited Oxygen: CVWKXAM
  • Immune Blood: BAGUVIX
  • Weapon Set 1: LXGIWLY
  • Weapon Set 3: UZUMYMW
  • God’s Driving Ability: STICKLIKEGLUE / MUNASEF
  • Unlimited bullets: FULLCLIP
  • Adrenalin Mode: ANOSEOINGLASS
  • Fat Body: BTCDBCB
  • Body Looks Muscular: BUFFMEUP
  • Slim-looking body: KVGZQK
  • Add 2 Wanted Level Stars: FURNUPTHEHEAT
  • Removing Stars: TURNDOWNTHEHEAT
  • Son of the President: AEZAKMI
  • Add 6 Wanted Level Stars: BRINGITON
  • Hitman Levels for All Weapons: PROFESSIONALKILLER
  • Improving Driving Skills: NATURALTALENT
  • Maximum Respect: WORSHIPME
  • Sex Appeal Maximal: HELLOLADIES
  • Stamina Maksimal: VKYPQCF
  • Cheat chased by prostitutes: BAGOWPG
  • Pedestrian Attacks With Weapons: FOOOFXT
  • Accelerate Movement: SPEEDITUP / PPGWJHT
  • Slowing Down: SLOWITDOWN / LIYOAAY
  • Pedestrian Attacks Using Golf Sticks: AJLOYQJ
  • Theme Gangs and Gangster: ONLYHOMIESALLOWED
  • People Around Become Ninjas: NINJATOWN
  • All Residents Become Gang Members: BIFBUZZ
  • People Around Being Elvies: BLUESUEDESHOES
  • Beach Party Fashion: LIFESABEACH
  • Pedestrians Attack Using Rockets: BGLUAWML
  • Recruiting People to Become Gang Members: SJMAHPE
  • Invisible car: WHEELSONLYPLEASE
  • Blowing Up a Car When Hit: CKPTNWT
  • High Jump: KANGAROO
  • Funhouse Mode: CRAZYTOWN
  • The City Becomes Chaotic: STATEOFEMERGENCY
  • Rural Car Traffic: EVERYONEISPOOR
  • Luxury Mobile Traffic: EVERYONEISRICH
  • Always Green Traffic Light: ZEIIVG
  • All Black Cars: IOWDLAC
  • All Pink Mobile: LLQPFBN
  • Lightweight Car: BUBBLECARS
  • Quiet Streets: GHOSTTOWN
  • Controlling Manual Guns in Cars: OUIQDMW

Cheat GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition PC Weather

GTA Definitive Edition
GTA Definitive Edition | Eurogamer

In addition, you can also use GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition PC cheats to change the weather. Here’s a collection of cheats:

  • Sunny Weather: PLEASANTLYWARM
  • Very Sunny Weather: TOODAMNHOT
  • Cloudy Weather: ALNSFMZO
  • Foggy Weather: CFVGMJ
  • Rainy Weather: AUIFRVQS
  • Always Midnight: NIGHTPROWLER
  • Faster Time: YSOHNUL
  • Twilight Sky: OFVIAC
  • Sandstorm: CWJXUOC
  • Thunderstorm: SCOTTISHSUMMER

Cheat Vehicle GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition PC

Cheat Gta Definitive Edition Pc
Cheat GTA Definitive Edition PC | Rockstar

Without the use of a vehicle, it must be very boring. Therefore, you can use the following vehicle cheats to bring you a variety of unique and cool vehicles:

  • Using Jetpack: ROCKETMAN
  • Using a Parachute: AIYPWZQP
  • Activating Tank Vehicles: IWPRTON
  • Bloodring Banger Car: OLDSPEEDEMON
  • Taking out the race car 1: VROCKPOKEY
  • Taking out the race car 2: VPJTQWV
  • Rancher Car: JQNTDMH
  • Romer’s corpse delivery car: WHERESTHEFUNERAL
  • Betrug Mobil Trashmaster: TRUEGRIME
  • Ejecting a Jet Plane: JUMPJET
  • Quad Car Cheats: FOURWHEELFUN
  • Dozer Car Cheats: ITSALLBULL
  • Mobile Monster Cheat: MONSTERMASH
  • Taking out a Limo Car: CELEBRITYSTATUS
  • Activating the Caddy Car: RZHSUEW
  • Mobile Vortex hovercraft: KGGGDKP
  • Tanker Truck Car: AMOMHRER
  • Activating the Stunt Plane: FLYINGTOSTUNT
  • Vehicle Country Cheat: FVTMNBZ
  • Country Vehicle & People Cheats: BMTPWHR

F.A.Q Cheat GTA SA Definitive Edition PC

How to Disable the Cheats?

To disable the GTA Sand Andreas Definitive Edition PC cheat, all you have to do is re-enter the cheat code.

What if Cheats are Inactive?

If the cheat is not active, then the cheat code you entered is incorrect. Try to go slow, so that cheats can be activated.

When will GTA 6 be released?

For now, there is still no news about when GTA 6 will be released by Rockstar. There have been many leaks or rumors present, but until now there is still no official information using about the game.

Is it OK to use cheats?

In the game GTA SA Definitive Edition, of course, it is allowed to use cheats. It’s just that we will get less sensation if we use it.

Well, that’s just information about the list of GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition PC cheat codes that you can try. With these cheats, you can get various things that will make playing the game easier. You don’t need to worry, using GTA Definitive Edition PC cheats is legal.

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