Rumor: Resident Evil 9 Releases January 2025

A new report has revealed that Resident Evil 9 will most likely release in January 2025.

This information was published by @AesthethicGamer1. If you’re interested in Capcom games, you can check out our other articles here.

Resident Evil 9 Released in January 2025?

@AesthethicGamer1 reports that Resident Evil 9 will be announced soon and will release early next year. @AesthethicGamer1 has a strong track record of revealing confidential information about upcoming Capcom games.

“The possible delays I heard about earlier can be ruled out,” wrote @AesthethicGamer1 on X. “Resident Evil 9 will be revealed and released next year. If what I heard earlier is true, [it should] release in January. It will take about 7 years in development.”

Additionally, @AesthethicGamer1 stated that Resident Evil 9 began development in 2018 as the eighth game of the Resident Evil franchise.

According to @AesthethicGamer1, Resident Evil Village was seen as a spin-off project before eventually becoming the eighth game in the Resident Evil franchise.

In March 2024, @AesthethicGamer1 claimed that Resident Evil 9 would be an open world game.

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