Set Sail for the Pacific with Planet Zoo: Oceania Pack

Frontier Developments invites players to try Planet Zoo: Oceania Pack, an exciting new expansion for the ultimate zoo simulation, coming September 19 on Steam for a suggested retail price of £7.99 / $9.99 / €9.99.

Players will be able to welcome five exciting new species to their zoo, hailing from the wild, sun-kissed shores of Oceania: North Island Brown Kiwi, Tasmanian Devil, Little Penguin, Quokka, and bespectacled Flying Fox guided exhibits.

Planet Zoo: Oceania Pack Trailer

Planet Zoo: Oceania Pack also features over 200 scenes inspired by the beauty of the Pacific region. With natural building materials, wood carvings, colorful flower displays, and vibrant new plants, players can transform their zoo into a beautiful island paradise.

In addition, zookeepers will meet some familiar faces as they try out new campaign scenarios, working alongside Bernie Goodwin and his daughter to build a new wildlife park.

This pack will come alongside the free base game update, bringing a series of additions and enhancements, including Glass Viewing Domes, a new Temperate biome available for Oceania, and more.

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