Erling Haaland finally reveals his favorite game, it’s not FIFA or WOW!

Erling Haaland, a young soccer player who joined Manchester City, apparently loves playing video games. However, when asked to mention the title of Erling Haaland’s favorite game, he felt a bit embarrassed and reluctant to say it.

Back then, after scoring the most goals in a Premier League season and setting a new record, he was asked to comment on his achievement. The reporters wanted to know what he thought and what he thought about such an incredible achievement.

“I don’t think about this. I’m going to sleep tonight, then tomorrow I’ll think about the three points against Leeds. Now I want to go home, play games first, then sleep.”

But when asked further about the game he played, he didn’t want to answer. According to PC Gamer, Haaland said “It’s too embarrassing”.

Eventually, fans got hooked on it. Many assumed that Haaland must love playing games ranging from FIFA to World of Warcraft.

Erling Haaland’s favorite game is Minecraft

So, recently, someone has dared to reveal something that he has been hiding. Through his story on his personal Instagram, Haaland shared his experience while playing Minecraft.

Although the status has since disappeared as it only lasted for one day, many people have taken screenshots of it. It can be seen that along with three other players, he is ready to go on a mission.

The Norwegian national team striker was playing an online game with some friends. They entered into a very difficult final portal, as they had to face the final boss named Ender Dragon in the game.

One thing that makes a strong impression is the distinctive outfit worn by Haaland, a set of diamond-equipped armor. The outfit takes a long time to obtain.

Minecraft is a super famous sandbox game. You can play it regardless of age, from kids to adults. This game can be played on PC, Console, or Mobile, but you have to pay money first to buy it. The price varies for each gaming platform.

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