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200+ Best Small Size PPSSPP Games to Play in 2023

Hi Gamers, this time Gamedaim will share with you all the best small size PPSSPP games that are still very exciting to play in 2022. Well, there are lots of PPSSPP games that you can play both on PC / Laptop and on Android devices.

Although PSP is an old game, to this day there are still many PSP game fans who faithfully play legendary game titles, even if they are no longer classified as new games.

There are many best PSP games that are still worth playing, either because of the gameplay story or the graphics that are still okay.

Well, you can play the PSP game on the PPSSPP Emulator which you can download on a PC / Laptop or mobile device. By using PPSSPP Emulator, you can play PSP games without the need to buy a PSP device.

For that, in this discussion, Gamedaim will share with all of you a collection of the best small size PPSSPP games in 2022. For those of you who want to know what the games are, then you should see the full review in this article until the end.

Best Small Size PPSSPP/PSP Games Collection

Small Size PPSSPP Games
Small Size PPSSPP Games Collection

PPSSPP Emulator is one of the popular PSP game emulators used by many gamers in the world. Because this PPSSPP Emulator is classified as the most stable among other PSP Emulators. Moreover, you can use it on PC / Laptop devices and also mobile devices.

There are many PSP Emulator games are available, well for this one we share is the one that has a small size. By playing PSP games that have a small size, you can save more storage space.

Then right away here is a collection of the best small size PPSSPP games that are still very exciting to play in 2022!

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1. Avatar: The Last Airbender (90 MB)

Small Size PPSSPP Games

Who dont know Avatar: The Last Airbender? This animated series was very popular at the time event now.

Even Avatar: The Last Airbender was adapted into a game with the same title that can be played on the PSP.

For those of you who want to catch the action of Avatar Aang with Appa, Katara, Toph, Sokka and friends. Then you can play a small size PSP games called Avatar: The Last Airbender on the PPSSPP Emulator.

The size of this game is very small at only 90 MB, you can enjoy the exciting and thrilling Avatar Aang game with a complex gameplay display.

2. Toy Story 3 (155.53 MB)

Small Size PPSSPP Games

This Toy Story 3 game is adapted directly from the animated film of the same name, even the gameplay and storyline are also relatively the same.

In the game, you will be going to adventure with Woody and friends. One of the most memorable scenes in this game is when Wood tries to save a train passenger from a villain. This scene is exactly like the one in Toy Story 3 but with cooler animation.

This small size PPSSP games has been officially licensed by Disney Pixar so all the characters in this game have the same voice actors as in the movie.

3. Need For Speed: Most Wanted (134.25 MB)

Small Size PPSSPP Games

Need For Speed: Most Wanted is one of the most popular racing games ever since the 2000s. At that time, there were a lot of people who played this game through PS2 and PSP devices.

This small size PPSSPP games is highly recommended for you to play on the PPSSPP Emulator, because in addition to its small size. The quality of the graphics displayed in this game is also still good, you will enjoy exciting car races with a realistic sensation.

It’s perfect for those of you who like to play racing games, so it’s really mandatory to try playing the Need For Speed game: Most Wanted.

4. GTA: Vice City Stories (69MB)

Small Size PPSSPP Games

GTA is a favorit game by gamers all over the world. You can also play it through the PPSSPP Emulator to be able to feel the thrill of the GTA game, one of the GTA games that you can play is GTA: Vice City Stories.

Although it is a small size PPSSP games, the GTA: Vice City Stories game has the same gameplay as other GTA games. Where you will get missions but you can also freely do anything. The backstory of GTA: Vice City Stories is the city of Vice City.

5. God of War: Ghost of Sparta (200 MB)

Small Size PPSSPP Games

The next small size PPSSPP games is God of War: Ghost of Sparta which of course you all know this one game.

In the game, you will play Kratos the God of War to conquer the era of the gods. Kratos is still haunted by his past when he was a mere mortal. He decides to go on an adventure to find his true self, but his journey will not be easy as there will be many obstacles that are ready to block him.

This game offers action gameplay that allows players to fight with some very realistic details. Not recommended for children aged 10 and under.

6. Cars 2 (100 MB)

Small Size PPSSPP Games

Adapted directly from the Disney Pixar animated film, Cars 2 (2011) is a game that is quite popular with many gamers. This game has a racing genre where you will have an adventure in winning every race there is.

In the game, you will play as the main characters Liightning McQueen and Mater who will work together. Apart from these two characters, there are also other new characters presented in this Cars 2 game.

This game is available on PPSSPP Emulator with a relatively small size and very light to play.

7. Assassin’s Creed Rebellion (64 MB)

Small Size PPSSPP Games

Like cool RPG games? Then you must try the Assassin’s Creed Rebellion game on PPSSPP Emulator. This game is here to complete the franchise universe of Assassin’s Creed.

Unlike other Assassin’s Creed games, in this Assassin’s Creed Rebellion game, you will fight and work together with other Assassin characters.

You will also feel nostalgic when playing this game, because in the game you will also be presented with an atmosphere when fighting templars and exploring the vast world.

8. Tekken 3 (380 MB)

Small Size PPSSPP Games

Developed by Roger Games, Tekken 3 can also be a great choice for those of you who want to play small PPSSPP games.

The gameplay offered in this game is very interesting and can make you addicted to playing it. In the game, you can choose the character you want to use to fight with other fighter characters.

You can use unique combo moves from each character to defeat your opponent.

9. Spider-Man 3 (270MB)

Small Size PPSSPP Games

Your favourite superhero, Spider-Man, has also come to PSP and you can play on PPSSP Emulator for free. For those of you who love Spider-Man characters, you really need to try this Spider-Man 3 game.

The gameplay displayed is quite good with graphic quality that can make you become addicted to playing it. This small size PPSSPP games is also very light to play, you can play it even on potato phones.

10. eFootball PES 2022 (320 MB)

Small Size PPSSPP Games

For those of you who like football games, then you can try one of the small size PPSSPP games called eFootball PES 2022. The newest and most updated version of the entire PES series.

In this eFotball PES 2022 game, you will be presented with interesting gameplay with very cool graphic quality. Even so, this game is classified as a lightweight PPSSPP games, so you can still play it stably.

Full List of Best PPSSPP Games

In addition to small PPSSPP games, we also provide a complete list of other PPSSPP games. So for those of you who want more, then you don’t need to be sad, because we will also share hundreds of other PPSSPP game download links.

Below we have provided a complete list of the best PPSSPP games in alphabetical order, so you can find the game you are looking for easily. Let’s jump into the list below.

Small Size PPSSPP Games Sequence A – E

First up, we have a collection of small size PPSSPP games for PC and Android in alphabetical order from A to E.

In this list, there are many types of games that you can find, especially for Dragon Ball fans. You can find Dragon Ball PSP games in D or other cool games like Dynasty Warriors.

Even the legendary game Basara is on this list and you can download it for free. You just need to click on the link of the game you want to download, wait a few moments and you will immediately be directed to the download site.




  • Call of Duty – Roads to Victory: Download (464 MB)
  • Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded: Download (348.60 MB)
  • Cars: Download (258 MB)
  • Championship Manager 2006: Download (151 MB)
  • Crazy Taxi – Fare Wars: Download (316 MB)
  • Carsh of the Titans: Download (482 MB)
  • Cube: Download (244 MB)
  • Read more: PSP Games – C


  • Def Jam – Fight for NY – The Takeover > Download (441 MB)
  • Despicable Me > Download (309 MB)
  • Disgaea Infinite > Download (174.24 MB)
  • Dragon Ball Evolution > Download (168 MB)
  • Dragon Ball Z – Shin Budokai > Download (197 MB)
  • Dynasty Warriors > Download (109 MB)
  • Read more: PSP Games – D


  • EA Replay > Download (95.26 MB)
  • Eragon > Download (156 MB)
  • Every Extend Extra > Download (201.56 MB)
  • Exit > Download (61 MB)
  • EyePet > Download (448 MB)
  • Read more: PSP Games – E

F – J sequence

Next in F, there is a legendary RPG game known by many gamers around the world, Final Fantasy. Who doesn’t know the legendary Final Fantasy RPG game franchise? You can also play it on the PPSSPP Emulator.

Moreover, this Final Fantasy is a small size PSP games, so you can save more storage space. Just look for the game download link in alphabetical order from F to J below.


  • FIFA Street 2 > Download (208MB)
  • Final Fantasy I > Download (138MB)
  • Final Fantasy II > Download (213MB)
  • Final Fantasy III > Download (239MB)
  • Final Fantasy Tactics – The War of the Lions > Download (185.71MB)
  • Read more: PSP Games – F


  • G-Force > Download (778.13 MB)
  • Gangs of London > Download (467.10MB)
  • Gladiator Begins > Download (355MB)
  • Go! Sudoku > Download (189.85MB)
  • Grand Theft Auto – Vice City Stories > Download (557MB)
  • Read more: PSP Games – G


  • Half-Minute Hero > Download (118.85MB)
  • Harvest Moon – Boy And Girl > Download (134MB)
  • Harvest Moon – Hero of leaf Valley > Download (145MB)
  • Heatseeker > Download (135.06MB)
  • Hero Choaniki > Download (147MB)
  • Read more: PSP Games – H


  • Impossible Mission > Download (85.35MB)
  • Innocent Life – A Futuristic Harvest Moon > Download (206.35MB)
  • Intelligent License > Download (69.11MB)
  • Iron Man > Download (392.97MB)
  • Read more: PSP Games – I


  • J-League Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou! 7 Euro Plus > Download
  • Jackass the Game > Download
  • Jak and Daxter – Elf to Itachi no Daibouken > Download
  • Jak and Daxter – The Lost Frontier > Download
  • James Cameron’s Avatar – The Game > Download
  • Jan Sangoku Musou > Download
  • Jeanne d’Arc > Download
  • Jigen Kairou > Download
  • Jikan de Fantasia > Download
  • Jikandia – The Timeless Land > Download
  • Read more: PSP Games – J

K – O sequence

The next small size PPSSPP games is in the order of K to O, in this order contains racing games and legendary Naruto games which are certainly fun to play.

Still the same, for how to download the game you just have to click directly on the download link that we have provided.

In addition, there are many types of small size PPSSPP games that you can play to overcome boredom.


  • Kameleon > Download (45.36MB)
  • Kao Challengers > Download (138.47MB)
  • Kenka Bancho – Badass Rumble > Download (217.67MB)
  • Knights in the Nightmare > Download (233.05MB)
  • Read more: PSP Games – K


  • Legend of Heroes – A Tear of Vermillion > Download (19.19MB)
  • LEGO Batman – The Video Game > Download (470.26MB)
  • Lumines > Download (111.64MB)
  • Luxor – The Wrath of Set > Download (31.56MB)
  • Read more: PSP Games – L


  • M.A.C.H. – Modified Air Combat Heroes > Download (154.95MB)
  • Mana Khemia > Download (442.87MB)
  • Medal of Honor – Heroes 2 > Download (182.44MB)
  • Mega Man – Powered Up > Download (103.28MB)
  • Metal Slug > Download (110.68MB)
  • Midnight Club – L.A. Remix > Download (502.44MB)
  • Mind Quiz > Download (30.92MB)
  • Moto GP > Download (201.16MB)
  • Read more: PSP Games – M


  • Naruto Shippuden – Ultimate Ninja Impact > Download (433MB)
  • Naruto Shippuden – Legends Akatsuki Rising > Download (472MB)
  • Naruto – Ultimate Ninja Heroes > Download (158MB)
  • NBA > Download (93MB)
  • Need For Speed – Most Wanted > Download (169MB)
  • NFS Carbon Own the City > Download (408MB)
  • NFS Pro Street > Download (301MB)
  • NFS Underground Rivals > Download (168MB)
  • Nikoli no Sudoku Nurikabe Hiwayake > Download (56MB)
  • Read more: PSP Games – N


  • Online Chess Kingdoms > Download (137.54MB)
  • OutRun 2006 – Coast 2 Coast > Download (248.73MB)
  • Read more: PSP Games – O

P – T sequence

This collection of small size PPSSPP games from the order of P – T is also not to be missed. Because in this order, there are a lot of fun games to play, such as Sonic, Spongebob, Transformers and many more.

This collection of small size PPSSPP games is guaranteed to be very unique, and you will never get bored playing games in this alphabetical list of P to T.

Unfortunately, most of the games on this list are over 50 MB in size. But the gameplay displayed is guaranteed to make you not easily bored when playing it.


  • Patapon 3 > Download (310.54MB)
  • Persona > Download (493.46MB)
  • Pirates of The Caribbean Dead Man s Chest > Download (450MB)
  • Power Stone > Download (194.50MB)
  • Prinny – Can I Really Be the Hero > Download (201.91MB)
  • Read more: PSP Games – P


  • Qix++o > Download
  • Queen’s Blade – Spiral Chaos > Download
  • Queen’s Gate – Spiral Chaos > Download
  • Quiz Kidou Senshi Gundam – Monsenshi DX > Download
  • Read more: PSP Games – Q


  • R-Type Command > Download (157.05MB)
  • Ratatouille > Download (340.86MB)
  • Rengoku II The Stairway To H.E.A.V.E.N > Download (479 Mb)
  • Ridge Racer > Download (444.67MB)
  • Riviera – The Promised Land > Download (466.09MB)
  • Rocky Balboa > Download (231.32MB)
  • Read more: PSP Games – R


  • SBK Superbike World Championship > Download (137MB)
  • Sega Rally Revo > Download (163MB)
  • Shinobido – Tales of the Ninja > Download (89.28MB)
  • Sonic Rivals > Download (101MB)
  • Sonic Rivals 2 > Download (492MB)
  • Spongebob Squarepants – The Yellow Avenger > Download (122MB)
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX > Download (85.51MB)
  • Street Fighter Zero 3 Double Upper > Download (259MB)
  • Read more: PSP Games – S


  • Tenchu – Shadow Assasins > Download (479.38MB)
  • Thrillville > Download (316.97MB)
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour > Download (381.76MB)
  • Tokobot > Download (176.92MB)
  • Toy Story 3 > Download (133.20MB)
  • Transformers – The Game > Download (332.48MB)
  • Twisted Metal Head On > Download (316MB)
  • Read more: PSP Games – T

U – Z sequence

Finally, in the U – Z order you can find many types of exciting small size PPSSPP games such as Ultimate Block Party, Warrior Orochi, X-Men Origins – Wolverine and others.

In this U – Z order, you can find any genre of game you want, you just need to find what game you want to play.

Don’t forget to prepare a internet for those of you who want to download this small size PPSSPP games. The problem is that even though the size is small, if you want to download many games at once, then you will need more internet as well.


  • Ultimate Block Party > Download (49.11MB)
  • Ultimate Ghosts ‘n Goblins > Download (195.33MB)
  • Undead Knights > Download (314.26MB)
  • UP > Download (245.14MB)
  • Read more: PSP Games – U


  • Valhalla Knights > Download (149.92MB)
  • Valkyrie Profile – Lenneth > Download (465.03MB)
  • Vietiful Joe – Red Hot Rumble > Download (300.44MB)
  • Virtua Tennis – World Tour > Download (90.93MB)
  • Read more: PSP Games – V


  • WALL-E > Download (478.41MB)
  • Warhammer 40,000 – Squad Command > Download (342.38MB)
  • Warrior Orochi > Download (313.18MB)
  • Wipeout Pure > Download (116.84)
  • World Championship Cards > Download (354.44MB)
  • World Poker Tour > Download (253.64MB)
  • World Series of Poker > Download (155.22MB)
  • World Tour Soccer > Download (220.51MB)
  • Read more: PSP Games – W


  • X-Men Origins – Wolverine > Download (335.15MB)
  • Xioalin Showdown > Download (265.77MB)
  • Read more: PSP Games – X


  • Ys Seven > Download (351.43MB)
  • Yuusha 30 Second > Download (369MB)
  • Read more: PSP Games – Y


  • Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman > Download
  • Zendoku > Download
  • Zero Choaniki > Download
  • Zero Shiki Kanjou Sentouki > Download
  • Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 3 > Download
  • Zill O’ll Infinite Plus > Download
  • Read more: PSP Games – Z

How to Install PSP Games on PPSSPP Emulator

Download Game PSP ISO

Pertama silahkan download terlebih dulu game PSP ISO melalu link yang kami sediakan.

Ekstrak File

Setelah selesai didownload, sekarang pergi ke File Manager, cari lokasi file yang kamu download tadi, ekstrak file tersebut dan tunggu hingga proses selesai.

Buka PPSSPP Emulator

Selanjutnya kalian bisa buka langsung aplikasi PPSPP Emulator.

Klik Permainan

Pada halaman depan, kamu bisa klik Permainan dan pilih game PPSSPP yang telah kalian ekstrak tadi.


Selesai, sekarang kamu sudah bisa memainkan gamenya, Enjoy!

Download PPSSPP Emulator

Download PPSSPP Emulator
Download PPSSPP Emulator

For those of you who don’t have the PPSSP Emulator application, we have also provided a download link below that you can use for free.

This PPSSP Emulator app contains content that can be enjoyed by all ages, be it children, teenagers or adults. You can download this application on PC/Laptop devices that use Windows 7/8/10 OS or later and Android devices 2.3 and above.

Application NamePPSSPP Emulator
Latest Version1.13.2
Size37 MB (Android)
22 MB (PC/Laptop)
DeveloperHenrik Rydgård

What do You Think about PPSSPP Games List?

So that was the list of the best small size PPSSPP games and their download links. What do you think? Stay tuned to Gamedaim for more useful information and tips on gaming,.

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