Valve Prepares New Rules for Major Counter-Strike Tournaments, Shifts to Open eSports

Valve has recently announced that they will be changing the rules in major Counter-Strike tournaments. This new rule will make the esports ecosystem of Counter-Strike even more open.

Furthermore, the rules issued by Valve will make tournaments even more interesting. Why? Check out this review from Gamedaim for more information.

New Rules for Major Counter-Strike Tournaments

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Source: Valve

Based on available information, this latest rule will make tournament organizers have no connection whatsoever with the teams in the tournament. Through its official website, Valve also said that invitations for all tournaments must use Valve’s ranking system or via open qualifications.

Not only that, everything paid by tournament organizers to participating teams, be it prizes or anything else, must be published and visible to the community.

Of course, this rule will not take place now, but in 2025. Valve is currently still honoring the contracts that have been running against several organizers.

ESL dan BLAST Kena Imbasnya

Esl And Blast
Esl And Blast

Looking further, this rule will make a massive overhaul of Counter-Strike esports. This is because most tournaments in Counter-Strike are run by two major franchises such as ESL Pro League by ESL Gaming and BLAST Premier with BLAST.

Both franchises run pay-to-play tournaments which means slots can be purchased and ESL Gaming and BLAST will guarantee participation and keep the qualifying lanes open for those who don’t pay.

This rule will certainly force them to change the rules in tournaments and there is no longer a franchise system in major tournaments as it happened before. Furthermore, Ulrich Schulze, SVP of Game Ecosystems ESL FACEIT Group has responded to this rule.

We will be changing the model of the existing tournaments as well as splitting the proceeds to all participating teams starting in 2025. In addition, we will announce more details about this in the coming months.

Ulrich Schulze, SVP Game Ecosystems ESL FACEIT Group

Meanwhile, BLAST has also responded to Valve’s latest rules.

We will continue to communicate plans regarding BLAST Premier in 2025. In the meantime, BLAST Premier still remains a part of tier 1 Counter-Strike.


Valve wants more open esports tournaments

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Source: Valve

Valve’s decision to change these rules is not without reason. They want a more open esports ecosystem in Counter-Strike. So, there will no longer be big teams dominating and new teams will emerge.

Of course, this rule change will make the esports ecosystem of Counter-Strike even fresher and ready to bring out new talents and teams that have great potential to compete.

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